Specialized Project Management

While your team focuses on your core business,

we will manage the projects for you

With PMO as a Service

you will know what you need to know when you need to know,

by us taking care of the details while managing the projects for you!

Our Services

Manage the Project for you

Also known as Owner’s Manager

We will manage the entire project for you, while keeping you informed and engaged on critical decisions.

We will successfully manage your vendors, subcontractors or your own team

  • Manage

  • Assist managing your project

    Assist managing the projects you run

    1. Accelerators
    2. Project coordinators
    3. Team leaders
    4. Project Management Assistants
    5. Track activities, issues, risks, progress


    • Assist

    Project Management Advise

    Provide periodic project management advice

    1. Weekly project management recommendations
    2. Monthly project assessments
    3. Advisory on leading practices
    4. Templates


  • Advise